If you live in Mulberry, Florida, then you know just how hot the summers can be. With the sun beating down on us, we count on our air conditioning systems to keep our homes comfortable. Air conditioning systems are forced to work hard this time of year, so any maintenance you perform will go a long way. To help keep your AC system running smoothly all summer, this air conditioning company in Mulberry, Florida is going to provide some helpful maintenance tips below.

Minimize the Heat from Light Your Homes Receive

We all love seeing the sunrise in Mulberry, Florida but once it hits noon and the sun is beating down on us, then you should get to cover. The heat from the sunlight through a window can warm up any surface it touches.

While good in certain doses, it is wise to draw your shades and blinds to protect your home from excessive sunlight. Doing so will not just keep you feeling cooler, but it will minimize the effort your air conditioner needs to keep a comfortable temperature in your Mulberry, Florida home.

Similarly, lights left on produce a small amount of heat, which can become substantial over a few hours. This compounds with every light you forget to switch off. So, it’s important to turn off the lights you are not using to maximize your air conditioner’s life.

Keep Your Doors and Windows Shut Tight, and Check for Air Cracks

Keeping your doors and windows closed will ensure that minimal heat will enter your home. You should also check for air cracks on all your windows and doors. Air cracks are those small gaps that can appear on the edges of your windows or doors from their daily wear and tear. While seemingly insignificant at first, this will cause unnecessary work for your air conditioner after a few hours. Over a longer period of time, it can lead to damage to your air conditioner’s components. Make sure you check for any cracks to help keep your rooms comfortable.

 Invest in Weatherstrips

Weatherstrips are a fantastic tool to support your home’s air conditioner. You can attach these strips to your doors or windows, help seal the cold air in, and keep the hot Mulberry, Florida air out.

With these strips, you will be able to keep your home colder for longer. The best part is, they will lessen the load on your air conditioner. So, to make sure you feel as comfortable as can be, match up some weatherstrips with your air conditioner.

Regularly Check on Your Air Filters

One of the more common issues created by the residents of Mulberry, Florida, is not checking up on their air filters. The air filter sifts out the dust from the air as your air conditioner works. Making sure that it gets cleaned or replaced, depending on what type of filter you have, can help reduce the stress your air conditioner receives. Cleaning your filter out once or twice every month will minimize overworking your air conditioner, as well as providing you cooler and cleaner air.

Looking for an Air Conditioning Maintenance, Repair and Installation Company in Mulberry, Florida?

While the tips above will help you keep your air conditioner in prime shape, nothing is quite as effective as a professional air conditioning tune-up. If you’re looking for the top-rated air conditioning maintenance company in Mulberry, Florida, look no further than The Lakeland Air Conditioning Company. We can assist with all your air conditioning maintenance, repair, and installation needs. Contact us today at (863) 859-4090 to get started.