With the weather continuing to warm up, it’s clear that summer will soon arrive in full force. We all know how hot the summers can be in Central Florida. As such, air conditioning maintenance in Plant City, Florida should be prioritized to ensure a comfortable temperature can be maintained in your home.

We recommend scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance for your system prior to summer in Plant City, Florida. Unfortunately homeowners that don’t bother with regular maintenance, can face costly repairs when their AC breaks down. If it has been a while since you’ve had an AC tune-up, you should keep an eye out for the following red flags:

Feeling Warm Air Circulating

It is not normal to feel warm air flowing out of your Plant City air conditioner. Keeping your AC on if you feel warm air will jack up your energy bill, and it will put undue stress on your HVAC system. Typically, warm air blows out due to a dirty air filter. There could also be a more complex problem, like a faulty evaporator coil or coolant leakage.

Whatever the issue is, it’s best to call a Plant City, Florida air conditioning company to schedule an inspection right away. Only a professional can diagnose the problem correctly. After they diagnose the system, you can figure out the next steps for repairs. The technician may also recommend that you install a new air conditioner if your system has reached end of life.

Hearing Weird Sounds That Should Not Be There

You should only hear a gentle humming or swooshing sound from your air conditioning unit. The modern ones are designed to be quiet and should not add intrusive sound. If you encounter lingering sounds that don’t go away, you should call a Plant City, Florida air conditioning company as soon as possible. The screeching sound could indicate a refrigerant problem, or the squeaking noise can be a very loose belt. It is best to call a pro for inspection right away.

Seeing an Unusual Increase in Energy Bills

If you notice a sudden spike on your bill, it is a major red flag that your air conditioning system requires maintenance.

Remember, something as minute as a clogged air conditioning filter can have your system working twice as hard. This means a lot of energy is consumed to cool the air. Of course, this will result in a spike in your energy bills. If you want to avoid this problem, maintenance is key.

Observing Excessive Moisture and Humidity 

One of the primary functions of your cooling system is regulating the humidity levels. This machine is specifically engineered for detecting and controlling the amount of humidity in your home. If your home feels more moist than usual, you should call a Plant City, Florida air conditioning professional as soon as possible.

High moisture could indicate a leaking refrigerant. Please note, your air conditioner’s evaporator coils need this coolant to make the air cool. When there’s not enough of this, the air coming out will feel cool but quite humid. A surefire way to see if you have this issue is to check if there’s pooled water by your condenser.

Noticing Very Poor and Weak Airflow

It will be impossible to keep your home cool when you have poor airflow. This scenario happens when your air filter is clogged. If you have a duct system, there could also be issues there. Seek professional help right away to avoid poor air quality and high energy bills.

Do You Need an Air Conditioning Tune-Up or Air Conditioning Maintenance in Plant City, Florida?

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