At the peak of summer, it can be very unpleasant to live indoors with a malfunctioning air conditioning system. A climate-controlled environment is truly more comfortable for everyone. In many cases, when the air conditioner in your home is on its last leg, the equipment itself will let you know. Below, we’re going to review six common signs that it’s time to contact your local air conditioning repair company in Bartow, Florida.

1. The Home Is Not Getting Cool Enough

One of the most obvious signs that the air conditioning unit in your Bartow, Florida home needs to be repaired is the ambient temperature. If you cannot get it cool enough, there are certainly problems with your unit. You can try to clean the air filters yourself to see if this solves the problem. If it doesn’t, you’ve got a more complex problem that needs professional assistance. It could be any of the following issues:

  • Leak in the Freon
  • Electrical connections have a short
  • Compressor malfunction
  • A leak or clogged ducts
  • Blower motor failure

2. The Unit Is Making Weird Noises

If you hear odd noises from the unit-like grinding, screeching, or squealing, you need to call for air conditioning repair in Bartow, Florida. Even if it still works properly and gives cool air, you must call for a professional assessment. The noise indicates that something needs tightening and cleaning.

3. The Air Conditioner Is Emitting an Unusual Odor

Another no-fail sign of air conditioner failure in your Bartow, Florida home is if you smell something funky in the air. You need to act fast if your unit emits a musty smell because it signifies that you may have:

  • Mold in the ducts
  • Clogged condensation drain
  • Filthy cooling coils

It is critical to get a professional tune-up to avoid this problem. A technician will do a professional cleaning, check connections, oil the parts, evaluate the motors, and balance the refrigerant levels for optimum performance.

4. The Unit Is Freezing or Leaking

Do you notice ice particles on the unit? Perhaps, there is also a leak or puddle on the floor. If you experience any of this, you should call for a professional AC repair company in Bartow for an inspection. Chances are, your system has a condensation line blockage. This part is responsible for removing condensation that builds up when cooling your home. If this part is blocked, the excess moisture will freeze the coils and leak out. You also don’t want to take your chances on a potential Freon leak so call for repairs right away.

5. Sudden Sky-High Energy Bills

You more or less know how much your usual consumption is. If your energy bills are climbing high even if your use has remained the same, this is a huge red flag. For example, if you run your air conditioner in Bartow, Florida, the same amount every day but see a spike in your bill, it means your unit is not running efficiently. As a result, it runs on overdrive, so you get higher than normal energy bills. This is a very clear indicator that your unit is failing.

6. The Age of the Unit

Finally, you should consider the age of the unit. A typical air conditioning unit lasts about 15 to 20 years. If your system is around that age, it could be failing because of normal wear and tear. In that case, you ought to consider replacing it with a newer and more energy-efficient system.

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