Air conditioners are one of the essential appliances in any home in the Plant City, Florida area. It’s important to keep them functional, especially during the summer season when it is hot and humid. Making sure that your air conditioner remains in its prime condition throughout the year will help you avoid any breakdowns and remain comfortable in your home.

When issues arise, air conditioners often show signs that they need to be repaired. If you notice any of the following signs with your system, then it’s time to contact your local air conditioning repair company in Plant City, Florida:

Your air conditioner is making strange sounds.

One sure way to tell you that you need to have AC repair done is when your air conditioner starts making strange noises. A whirring noise, which usually comes from the operating condenser fan, is considered normal. But other noises may mean that a separate problem might be causing it. Surefire signs include clunking noises caused by loose components or a component stuck in the condenser, and squeaking or squealing noises due to a loose or broken belt.

Fluid is leaking from your condenser.

This should be another obvious hint that your AC needs repair. The leaking fluid, known as refrigerant, is important for the entire operation of your air conditioner. Once it begins leaking out, your AC will gradually stop producing cold air. Refrigerant leaks happen when the refrigerant lines have become severed. This line connects the corresponding house to its condenser and is normally placed a foot above the ground. External factors like getting cut by a branch or rock could also lead to leakage happening.

Short cycling of your air conditioner is becoming more frequent.

Short cycling is a common air conditioner problem that some owners are familiar with. It happens when your air conditioner is involved in a repeating process of starting and working for a few seconds before it turns off and starts again. Aside from taking a long time to produce your desired temperature, it also wastes energy.

Various factors can cause short cycling, such as clogged air filters, dysfunctional evaporator coils, control board issues, and inadequate refrigerant levels. The bottom line is, whatever the reason may be, it will require a Plant City, Florida professional AC repair company to fix it.

Foul odors are starting to come out from your AC.

Foul odors produced by your air conditioners are often due to mold growth inside. Where moisture is present, so is mold. Therefore, if moisture is existent in your AC, mold will most likely form as well. To eliminate this issue, a professional AC repair technician in Plant City, Florida, will locate where the mold is located and clean it thoroughly.

Reaching your desired temperature takes longer than usual.

It is normal for air conditioners to take a while before it adjusts to the set temperature. However, if you notice that it suddenly needs a long time before the temperature changes, underlying problems may be affecting it. Usually, dust and debris that accumulate in the air conditioner will restrict the air flow, leading to the AC not producing cool air faster.

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